Globally, domestic violence against women increased significantly during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns. In South Africa, an increased risk for gender-based domestic violence against women during the lockdown period was reported by various sources from NGOs to the South African Police Service (SAPS. Covid-19 lockdown encouraged restriction of movement. This measure inadvertently created social isolation and alienation. This paper begins by examining the main risk factors more commonly associated with gender based violence in the South Africa. It proceeds by reflecting on how GBV was exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, the article underscores the new challenges faced by women during the pandemic and presents possible recommendations and actions to execute during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic to counteract further levels of violence.

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ROOPNARAIN, Usha. The Perilious Pandemics in South Africa. Global Journal of Human-Social Science Research, [S.l.], apr. 2022. ISSN 2249-460X. Available at: <https://socialscienceresearch.org/index.php/GJHSS/article/view/4049>. Date accessed: 27 may 2022.