Ethnicisation of Violent Conflicts in Jos?


  • Joshua segun

  • Joshua

  • Segun

  • Jegede

  • Ajibade Ebenezer


ethnicity, violence, conflict, jos


For over a decade now violent conflict has been a recurring decimal in Plateau State most especially in Jos the state capital However some commentators have examined the simmering conflicts in Jos by adopting mono-causal perspective Anchored on eclectic model of conflict analysis and with heavy reliance on secondary data this study examined violent conflict in Jos The study found that conflicts in Jos and elsewhere are caused by confluence of factors and as such solutions to conflict should embrace the various manifestations of conflict so as to proffer workable solutions

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Joshua segun, Joshua, Segun, Jegede, & Ajibade Ebenezer. (2013). Ethnicisation of Violent Conflicts in Jos?. Global Journal of Human-Social Science, 13(F7), 37–42. Retrieved from

Ethnicisation of Violent Conflicts in Jos?