Tourism and Economy Growth in the Ecuadorian Province of Pastaza


  • Julian Leoncio Rodriguez Rodriguez

  • Climaco Geovani Espin Ortiz

  • Rafael Angel Fuentes Garcia


contribution to economic growth, economic impact of tourism, pastaza province


Tourism in Ecuador is one of the main economic sectors considered a strategic activity in the post- oil scenario It s thought to be able to sustain local development as well as contributing to the country s progress in spheres such as economy nature and culture Tourism is one of the programs included within the Plan for Social and Economy Development at Pastaza Province Research was performed with a descriptive approach aimed at determining tourism contribution to Pastaza province economy in the period 2010-2019 Based on a documentary design which included information from secondary sources interviews and surveys of professionals academics and managers of the sector Relaying on data received from the province it was possible to set the foundation for identifying tourism behavior as well as its economic contribution Summing up tourism economic contribution to Pastaza province decreased without there being a direct relationship between tourist activities and all economy within the period 2010-2019 This research shows the main causes influencing Pastaza touristic sector performance


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Julian Leoncio Rodriguez Rodriguez, Climaco Geovani Espin Ortiz, & Rafael Angel Fuentes Garcia. (2022). Tourism and Economy Growth in the Ecuadorian Province of Pastaza. Global Journal of Human-Social Science, 22(E3), 61–71. Retrieved from

Tourism and Economy Growth in the Ecuadorian Province of Pastaza