Through the phenomenological analysis of gestures, specifically the gesture of writing and the gesture of photographing, it is possible to find new patterns of behavior, new values guiding human attitudes that, in their entirety, denounce a new vision of the World and announce the emergence of a new Paradigm. In effect, the New Paradigm proposes onto-epistemic and existential changes completely different from the previous one: from the historical process, based on graphic presuppositions (the gesture of writing) we move on to post-history, defined by the production of technical images (the gesture of photographing). The real shows itself as the result of technology, a category that needs to be questioned. The problematic inherent to a reality that presents itself as technological and virtual gives origin to various perspectives on the World, which will lead to the configuration of a new criterion of truth, as well as new ways of representing it, eventually, proposing another rational organization , the emergence of a new consciousness and new ways of manifesting existence.

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