KneoWorld: An Educational Program towards Educational Equity


  • Deyby Rodrigo Espinosa Gómez


family education, narrative and imaginative learning, knowledge dialogue, sensing/ thinking pedagogy


KneoWorld is an educational program of Assign- - Go3 Designed for the support of childhood cognitive development that stimulates literacy mathematical processes and socio-emotional learning in students teachers and families at a national and international level An educational proposal that generates spaces in which significant experiences are made visible These experiences are promoters of recognizing practices of educational equity school research family education and improving the quality of education For K n eoWorld educational equity is separate from equality in the teaching-learning process in this way thinking about equity must transcend theoretical discourses and become a life practice in the educational community and society It must be built with the voices of a cohesive community According to DeCuir and Dixon 2004 equality refers to the assumption that every person has the same opportunities and shares the same experiences Equity by contrast underlines the fact that not everyone is at the same place or begins at the same starting point but rather it assures that everyone will receive the necessary support to succeed once the opportunity is presented

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KneoWorld: An Educational Program towards Educational Equity