The character of the Thaw cinema is a young person who was born at a time of great uncertainties. The Soviet Thaw is characterized by a new conflict, which is based on the misunderstanding between children and adults. The appearance of the Soviet juvenile cinema can be marked by the release of the movie “Broken shoes” by Margarita Barskaya. This genre was further explored during the period of the Thaw. While adults destroy their dreams, children try to realize them. A child of the Thaw is not a helpless creature lost in the city; he is a personality who tries to find his place in the huge world. The child's image in the cinema has changed since the release of Tatiana Lukashevich's “The Foundling.” The main character of the movie “Splendid Days” can defend his rights without the help of children's services. The generation gap is carefully analyzed in such Thaw movies as “Ivan's Childhood,” “Destiny of a Man,” “The Boy and the Dove,” “Welcome, or No Trespassing.” So, we can state that there was a big misunderstanding between children and adults.

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