The apex of all the experiential Learning Courses is the Practice Teaching. It is the total immersion of the prospective teacher in the real life of becoming a teacher. During practice teaching, the pre-service teacher experiences the rudiments of teaching in the cyclical process of planning, actual teaching and evaluating learning. Pre-service education of teacher means, education of teachers before they enter into service as teacher. During this period of teacher education programmes, teaching practice goes side by side, while they are getting knowledge about theory papers. The making of a teacher is a developmental process. The teaching profession has been struggling to keep pace with the changes in society and the accompanying challenges of the technological world. According to Kothari commission, a teacher who unlike an ordinary worker, acts as a master, crafts man, an artist, a strategist and a powerful motivator. The environs of a classroom are enlivened by the inspiring, dynamic, enthusiastic, encouraging, skillful and dedicated teacher.

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