Apparently, track-II diplomacy better known as the “people to people” contact is the only way of helping change in the mind set of people and enhances better understanding for peace and stability. Historical evidences suggest that, both India and Bangladesh share common historical and cultural values and social connect. There is a huge potential for the expansion of bilateral trade which, in turn, helps in peace and harmony on both sides of the border. It is not possible any economic development, advancement of trade and politico-socio-cultural relations without stability and peace. People to people contact can be better achieved through formal and informal entities i.e. chamber of commerce, educational institutions, and bilateral visits of artists, musicians, singers, sportspersons, and film personalities. The bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India are imperative having a strong historic basis. Based on common benefit and with mutual admiration, both countries are assembling every effort towards innovative connections. Our geographical proximity, cultural affinity and shared history remain as strong base for streamlining the relationship.

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