The “Cultural Revolution” currently taking place in the United States must be analyzed in relation to “Proletcultism” (that is the Cultural Revolution in the USSR) and the Cultural Revolution in China. Contemporary American „progressivism” has taken something negative from both. From the proletcultism he unconsciously took the messianic idea, only that the Proletariat is not the Messiah, but different minorities: racial, sexual, religious, ethnic. He also took the communist internationalist idea of denying the national identity of states in the name of an even more nebulous internationalism. From Maoism, he took the furious denial and destruction of the cultural and ethical values of the more distant or closer past. Surely, all this against the background of a specific American. But by fighting openly against racism, this movement develops a racism of the opposite direction, a racism against white, heterosexual and possibly Christian people. The present analysis also tries a series of predictions regarding the evolutions of the movement and the implications that it could have on the eventuality of its extension in Europe.

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