The understanding of poetry has always been a subject of debate among the literary figures of all generations and classes. Various definitions to differentiate a piece of poetry from what is not have inundated the literary pages of all times. History acknowledges the fact that there lived people, more specifically literary figures who contributed to the spirit of poetry. It is the essence that entices others who otherwise consider poetry dreary stuff and just the depiction of the poet’s mental skirmish. Every literature has its prominence and essence; it is the storehouse that presents the society then and now. The literature of Kashmir is one such pearl in the stock of world literature that has its inimitability and identity. Maulana Mohammad Anwar ShopianiRA (1849-1939), the repository of knowledge whose insight and sagacity have been attested by the giant literary figures worldwide. Though it was a very difficult task to mold the minds of people towards the truth, Maulana Anwar, with his knowledge and poetic composition, swayed many people. Maulana was a social reformer; he opted to absorb the pain for the sake of society. His poetry and translation works have its own class that has been benefitting ever since his pen has begun to write.

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