The purpose of this paper is to analyze the roots of Catholic modernism in Germany from previous intellectual and theological movements, such as Catholic Enlightenment. Therfore, this paper analyzes the internal and external conflicts of the Catholic Church in Germany during the process of consolidation of modernity, in the 19th century, until culminating in the modernist movement and its consequences in the beginning of the 20th century.

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RODRIGUES GOMES FILHO, FELIPE MONTEIRO PEREIRA DE ARAÚJO, Robson. Ultramontanism And Catholic Modernism: An Analysis of Political-Ecclesiastic Controversy in Germany of the 19th Century. Global Journal of Human-Social Science Research, [S.l.], june 2020. ISSN 2249-460X. Available at: <https://socialscienceresearch.org/index.php/GJHSS/article/view/3211>. Date accessed: 22 oct. 2020.