This study focuses on a fragment of papyrus concerning a pledge, published for the first time; the residue of this papyrus is preserved in the museum store of Tell-Basta under the registration number 1125. The shape of this fragment is of unequal sides; the material of writing is ink. It is written in one of four scripts of ancient Egyptian language, which is probably a demotic script, consisting of nine thick lines were transcribed in a horizontal way. By studying and researching, some questions and difficulties arose and therefore needed to be addressed. There are questions such as: Is this fragment of papyrus written in a demotic script? Or is it written in an abnormal hieratic because there is a name that can be read 'Hr-m-hb'? As for difficulties, here are some examples: There is a dating formula without a royal name or a cartouche, also without official titles and witnesses; therefore, there is no dating. Besides, there are lacunae that were a major cause for the lack of clarity of the full context.

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