The main objective of the study was to investigate challenges that teachers face when teaching local languages in two selected secondary schools of Wolaita zone. The research subjects were purposively selected ten Wolaita language teachers from both secondary schools. Besides, six education experts from Humbo wereda and Sodo town education bureau were involved. Two instruments were used to collect the data: questionnaire and interview. Both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods were employed to obtain the results. Hence, the findings of the study proved that shortage of text books and teacher guides, lack of using syllabus and curriculum as a guideline when teaching were some of the challenges teacher were facing in classroom. The study also indicated that significant efforts were not made by concerned bodies like wereda and town education office and the schools to provide sufficient text books and teacher's guides. The study clearly proved that un like other teachers Wolaita language teachers had no access to different social media like internet which is prepared in Wolaita language. The findings also approved that the efforts made by the concerned bodies of both schools were not effective and did not bring relevant change on challenges that teachers were facing. Hence, it is recommended that the concerned bodies like Wereda education bureau in collaboration with other stake holders should provide sufficient textbooks to teachers and students. Adequate teacher's guides should also be supplied to teachers. To effectively resolve the challenges related to teaching materials the schools and wereda as well as town education office should work in collaboration with various stake holders like zone education department and regional level education bureau and should report on time to them before the problems encounters.

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