This study aimed to investigate the relationship between early maladaptive schemas with clinical personality patterns in prisoners having personality disorder. The study population consisted of male prisoners in Behshahr city. The total of 80 male prisoners was selected as Sample. Purposeful sampling was used. Minnesota Multiphase asic Personality Inventory (MMPIII) and Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI - III) were applied to collect the needed information. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (mean ±SD...), inferential statistics, Pearson correlation and regression .The findings indicate that there is a significant relationship between early maladaptive schemas of mistrust / abuse with paranoid personality disorder, early maladaptive schemas of dependence / incompetence with dependent personality disorder and early maladaptive schemas of social isolation / alienation with avoidant personality disorders and early maladaptive schemas of entitlement with narcissistic personality disorder.

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