The HIV/AIDS epidemic has fostered several responses in society which include prejudice, fear, and even in some occasions, hysteria. AIDS-related stigma poses threats to the psychological well- being of people living with it. Therefore, the current study sought to investigate the effects of age and gender on Psychological wellbeing among people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) at Fitche Tesfa Berhan Charity Association. Cross-sectional research design with quantitative method was employed on 162 sample were selected based on stratified probability sampling technique. The stratification was based on age. Accordingly, participants were stratified in to four age groups [adolescent (12-20), young adults (21-39), middle adults (40-59) and old adults (60 and above)]. Ryff’s Psychological well Being Scale (RPWB- 18items) with demographic data questionnaire was used. As a method of data analyses, descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation; and independent sample t-test of inferential statistics was used. Hence, the result of this study indicated that the mean score of overall psychological well-being of male respondents (M=78.45, SD= 12.110) was found to be higher than those of female respondents (M=73.28, SD= 12.505). Further, independent sample t-test revealed the statistically significant difference on overall psychological well-being across gender, t(160)= 2.569, P=.011. Regarding age, even though there was a mean difference across different age groups, it is not statistically significant, t (152) = -.256, P= .798. In conclusion, health workers, counselors and other professionals who work with PLWHA may consider further interventions to promote psychological wellbeing in HIV/AIDS-positive individuals.

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