This study evaluated the frontline service of state universities and colleges Teacher Education Institutions of the Philippines. Research is one of their core functions. This study also examined how the triangulation of accountability between the government’s support, teacher education institutions and the department of education in resolving educational problems. This study revealed that effective educational researches answer the issues and concerns of the modern era classroom where large classes are evident and growing. This study used a descriptive and deductive research design. The researcher used her made questionnaire, supplemented with the UNESCO ICT curriculum checklist and data from the Commission on Higher Education. The findings show that SUC-TEI is an intricate part of the Department of Education and failure on its part to deliver EER can stagnate and hamper the dynamic and responsive exchange of new strategies and educational tools for basic education. The great challenge of effective educational researches is the coping of delayed responsibilities of the lack of strong national policy on ICT teacher resource, national plan, regulatory institution and national open educational resources for research resources. ICT indeed has an impact in revolutionizing the delivery of effective educational researches and level of performance of TEIs.

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