Harnessing Diversity through Youth Sport for Sustainable Development


  • Nwankwo Benedict Chimezie


youth, sport, diversity, development, sustainable development


This paper examines the place of youth sport towards harnessing diversity through youth sport for sustainable development The theory used in this research paper was anchored on functionalist theory propounded by Emile Durkheim in 1915 This paper also attempt to examine youth sport as an inevitable tool for national integration which all parts of the nation societal systems are able to enjoy regardless of language tribe culture religion and even socioeconomic status Sport and development are naturally complementary processes that can enable government and other stakeholders of sustainable development to build a better world Youth sport is a powerful social pivot a strong social connector and a vector that brings people of different socio-cultural multi-ethnic and multi-lingual diversities together Youth sport is successfully used to promote social inclusion which provide respite in the periods of conflict build trust and establish bridges between groups in conflict it also contribute to peace building in post conflict situations and promote a culture of youth empowerment The paper also suggested strategies to harness diversities with emphasis on culture and active participation of the government Finally the paper recommended that stakeholders should ensure proper attention and investment of resources in sports sector so that youth sport and activities at all levels will be meaningfully integrated as major uncompromising tool for harnessing the heritage of cultural diversities and to achieve sustainable development agenda in our societies

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Harnessing Diversity through Youth Sport for Sustainable Development