Educational Stress is a problem for many adolescents in our society posing serious threat to significant mental problems and poor performance. Using a repeated measure design, the participants’ educational stress and impact of chanting mantras was explored. An ANOVA of the order of 2x2x(2) with repeated measure was employed in the present research to gauge the effect of chanting mantras if any between the control group and the experimental group in the two genders from pre to post test on different domains of educational stress. The sample consisted of 200 adolescents (100 males, 100 females) from senior secondary schools of Shimla district of H.P. between the ages of 14 to 17 years and was administered the educational stress scale (Sun, Dunne, Hou & Xu, 2011). The criterion of ð‘¿ð‘¿+1/2SD was employed for selecting the adolescents higher on educational stress.The main findings are: 1) The main effects of group and treatment have turned out to be significant at .01 level; 2) the interaction effects of treatment x group and treatment x gender have also yielded significant F ratios thereby revealing the significant impact of chanting mantras in combating the stress of the adolescents.

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