Interactive Arts and Creative Tourism


  • Joaquim Sousa



The topic creative tourism has begun to provoke a wide debate in society segmented in the development of new technology and digital art products and services within the scope of the creative economy and in particular the economy of experiencing The author Leslie-Ann Jordan 2012 designates the strengthening of the intrinsic interconnection between the universe of arts culture and creative industries as essential aiming to develop new offers of tourist differentiation From the outset we can raise the question of what the role and or impact of the arts of technological artistic and interactive phenomenology could be in the potentiation of creative genre industries leveraging new explicit paradigms of human-computer interactivity and contributing to the aesthetic interpretive development and education of the sectors attached to the cultural heritage and in this quality to unequivocally promote new tourism models of creative innovation based on the interactive arts that exponentiate new and unprecedented aesthetic cultures of emotional experience of products and services enabling new tourist branding based on in its differentiating imagery offer

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Interactive Arts and Creative Tourism