n these last courses, due to the pandemic, we have learned a lot about teach classes telematically. We have no other choice, although it is It is true that nothing can replace a face-to-face class, but there are already many teachers who have also seen the advantages of these virtual classes and have adapted with illusion and desire, and also with a lot of work and effort, which is appreciated. But it is also true that we were not used to this digital medium and continues, on many occasions, proposing activities and tasks to students who they try to directly transfer face-to-face to virtual. This just generates a sense of bewilderment among teachers. We are unable to evaluate Likewise, with a face-to-face test. The best solution is to opt for a continuous assessment based on work and tasks where problems arise concrete practices. Competent action presupposes the integrated mobilization of resources acquired to solve situations considered as challenges or problems.

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