A.W Tozer is widely regarded as one of the deepest theological thinkers of the 20thcentury. He wrote the rough draft of this classic “The Pursuit of God” in one night while traveling by train from Chicago to Texas in the late 1940s. It is interesting to note that Tozer’s more than fifty books sell better posthumously than they did when he was still on earth. Based on the glowing reviews, “Pursuit of God” is one of the better books that describes the theology and practical methods on how to seek after God. The problem with millions of Christians today is that they may have the intellectual knowledge of God yet they lack the subjective experience of God in their lives. My pastor encouraged me to read this book if I have a true desire to pursue God and to know Him intimately. It is refreshing to read a book that encourages the reader to have a more personal relationship with God instead of just wanting something from God. This is the first Tozer’s book that I read and I find it very interesting, insightful and relevant to today’s seeking Christians. Tozer writes eloquently and poetically. His well-crafted language is passionate and moving, yet clear and powerful enough to inspire and stir a reader to want to pursue God.

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