The Manipuri term ‘Meetei’ is associated with the Philosophical system of Manipuri. In the processes of selfevolution of God the stage of evolution into man become a contrast to the earlier stages of self-evolution of God. As a taken of recognition of this fact the term ‘Meetei’ is used by the Manipur who follow this system of philosophy. The term ‘Manipuri’ does not only mean the Manipuri is Bangladesh. It has got a broader sense. Hence a short discussion of clarification about the term Manipuri and Manipuri is essential. Generally the term Manipuri nears a resident of Manipuri. But in the sense of a citizen we are the confide citizen of Bangladesh and loyal to the state and is- government. But in consideration of our origin, history and genealogy we are well known as Manipuri. Manipuri was an independent state up to the later period of the year 1890. But in the year 1891 after it had been defeated in the open battle with the British, it lost is independence and sovereignty and was made a tributary the British India. After the partition of India in 1947 Manipur become an independent state. Manipur was merged into India on 21/09/1949. The merjer agreement was one at Shillong between the King of Manipur Sir Budhachandra Singh and the Mr. V. P. Messon, Adviosor to the Great of India, keeping witness Shri Prakash the Governor of Assam.

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