Occupational Polarization on Brazilian Labor Market, 1985-2015


  • Marina Silva Da Cunha




occupational polarization, wage inequality, labor market


The objective of this paper is to analyze employment and wages in occupational structure of Brazilian labor market considering the gender gap as well The analysis is based on information from 1985 to 2015 and estimates from income equations Results showed that occupational polarization was more evident for women during the three analyzed decades as these women broadened their participation on labor market regarding occupations that were more abstract and manual non-routine as professionals and technicians in the first group and domestic services in the second group On the other hand men suffered deep transformations in occupational structure regarding manual and routine activities from agricultural activities to production and operational ones It was verified a reduction in inequality in wage distribution with the increase of average wages although occupations that broadened the demand for labor had relative increase in wages which suggests polarization in women s payment

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Marina Silva Da Cunha. (2023). Occupational Polarization on Brazilian Labor Market, 1985-2015. Global Journal of Human-Social Science, 23(E3), 11–21. https://doi.org/10.34257/GJHSSEVOL23IS3PG11

Occupational Polarization on Brazilian Labor Market, 1985-2015