Cultural Action and the Defense of the Society


  • Suzana Schmidt Viganó


cultural action; artistic action; cultural war; interculturality; social diversity


This article proposes a reflection on cultural action in the context of Brazilian society given the challenges that the country is facing regarding the intensification of ideological tensions between political sectors and civil society threatening the constitution of civil labor and cultural rights in the country We start from the idea of barbarism as stated by Adorno and trace a brief history of cultural action in the country through the understanding of Paulo Freire and Fran ois Jeanson s influence on this concept in order to understand cultural action as a dynamizer of social relations and of diversity in the occupation of public space according to the ideas of Hannah Arendt We focus on a case study analyzing the actions of a theater collective active in the outskirts of the city of S o Paulo and we confront the analysis with a political- ideological context understood as cultural war that is placed on Brazilian society today


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Cultural Action and the Defense of the Society