Mosquito by Roma Tearne is heavily laden with memory, a novel based on Sri Lankan Civil War. Being a diasporic writer, Tearne visualises her war trodden homeland with pain and suffering. Theo Samarajeeva, the protagonist of the novel returns to his native land after the sudden demise of his wife in London. His sole intention was to complete his fourth novel in his motherland. But destiny has played a crucial role for which he got kidnapped and suffered pathetically, due to his sympathy towards the Tamils. His connection with Nulani Mendis has brought a tremendous change into his life but a series of unwanted incidents shuffled up their normal lives. What is left behind is a golden past of which one can only imagine but unable to revive. The novel thus becomes a thread of relentless memories associated with different characters of the novel. Memory moulds and recreates the shape of the novel by highlighting devastative side of Sri Lanka and its consequences upon the lives of common people.

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