Soccer in Brazil is not just a sport, being what they call "national passion", influencing families behaviors, according a research of MOA Researches. In the last years, has been seen in Brazil a feature that the clubs are increasing single game tickets prices, influencing their supporters to buy a kind of "full season ticket. According Moreira (2013), the Coritiba Foot Ball Club has raised the single game tickets prices in at least 261%, and on the other hand, the minimum wage of Brazil has increased 183%. From this information, the club practically forces the supporters to purchase any _full season plan" A problem with the implementation of the "full season plan" in Brazil is the feature that some soccer clubs are not the owners of the stadiums where they play. That brings restrictions of practices related to "full season plans", whereas there is a limitation in the exploitation of the physical spaces of a stadium. The main point for clubs to strengthen their "full season plans" is the fans (customer) loyalty. The clubs should keep them paying for the "full season plans" on time. Azevedo (2013) affirms:

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