The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent and effect s of EFL teachers’ percep tions on the implementation of active learning in three selected secondary schools in Genna Bossa Woreda of Dawro Zone, SNNPRS. To conduct the study, descriptive survey research design was employed. A total of 12 teachers and 60 students from high, medium and lower achievers participated in the study through availability and purposive sampling tec hnique s . The study was complemented by mixed method approach that employed both qualitative and quantitative data collection tools such as observation checklists, questionnaires and interviews . T he quantitative data, data collected through questionn aires, was analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean and grand mean , Pearson correlation coefficients, and simple linear regression . Data obtained through observation and interview (qualitative) were analyzed using textual analysis thematically . The find ings of the study revealed that perceptions of teachers’ affected their classroom implementation of A ctive L earning (AL). Specifically, positive p erception of teachers i s associated with effective implementation of active Learning Method in EFL class, whereas, negative perception is directly related to poor implementation of Active Learning Method. T he major factors affecting the effective implementation of active learni ng were large class size with fixed sitting, inadequacy teachers train ing on the application of A ctive L earning M ethod (ALM) , teachers’ and students’ perception that means their tendency to focus on teacher - centered method and shortage of time were among the most influential factors hindering its implementation. Finally, EFL teachers should get regular t

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