Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign language is always a challenging task. When it comes to the places where English serves a very limited purpose, it becomes more crucial and painstaking to teach and learn. Teaching of English in the Gulf region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular catches attention of many researchers and scholars especially when the issue is particularly related to the classroom situations. The study especially focuses on the case of Jeddah Community College (JCC).Teaching of English at Jeddah Community college serves two purposes: first, it strengthens the foundation of English and later lays the basis for Specific English which will be used in the years of the students' specialties. English in the Kingdom is taught at school levels also, but it does not enjoy as important place in the curriculum as in most developing countries. Despite good planning, curriculum, textbooks, qualified teachers and effective administration, the teaching-learning process sometimes seems to be futile when the actual skill development is not up to the mark. However, there could have been greater change had a systematic analysis been made in the past by exploring the factors responsible for such a low level performance. Both the teachers and learners face challenges due to many reasons. The teachers face challenges due to the following: their qualification, training as an EFL teacher, experience as a bilingual teacher( in Arabic context),perception of Arab culture, psychology of the learners, language policy, status of English, methods and strategies, assessment etc. The learners face challenges mainly due to the following: the difference between the past and present style, technique of teaching, workload, more focus on EFL, and focused teaching, stricter evaluation system, hard work, lack of proper motivation and attitude etc. Management of such pedagogic challenges is inevitable. Therefore, the role of Management becomes more crucial. Management of human re

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